As your City Councilwoman, I promise to be a steward of Medina's Community Vision. I will see through progress on its key initiatives as I believe they will sustain and enhance the quality of life for our residents. I commit to representing all voices of our city equally.

Pond in Park

Expand Medina's System of Parks, Trails and Open Spaces

Like many Medina residents, I get anxious when I see new paths being paved or plans for improvements on vital roadways of our city. I understand the importance of fostering a healthy lifestyle for all ages and I believe that parks, trails and open spaces are one of the best ways to do that. I am committed to carrying out the City of Medina Vision and Community Goals* outlined below: 

  • Provide a system of trails which serve not only recreation purposes, but also connect residents with community destinations in order to support healthy lifestyles and opportunities for non-motorized transportation 

  • Explore options for securing private funding of parks and trails such as providing naming rights, soliciting individual donations, establishing a charitable trust or through other means 

  • Improve and expand existing facilities and provide expanded recreational opportunities, all in a manner which can be fiscally sustained within the community in the long term